About the DSI


From the lab to the campus: Living Smart Campus

The Living Smart Campus programme is a collection of projects focusing on plans for campus development whereby the campus is used as a living lab. The programme includes research projects, education projects, support projects and student initiatives. 

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From the campus to society: Enschede Municipality

In july 2017 the municipality of Enschede organized a symposium for affiliated international municipalities: Dalian (China), Palo Alto (USA), Heidelberg, Münster (Germany) and Linköping  (Sweden) . Read more on this website (in Dutch). 

In december 2017 the municipality of Enschede presented an Agenda for Smart Enschede, in which the University of Twente participates. Read more on this website (in Dutch). 

At Airport Twente we find Space53, a single, shared portal for research and testing with unmanned systems of all sizes. The University of Twente is partner in this public-private partnership. 

Cooperation with leading organizations

4TU.Federation: NIRICT and Humans & Technology. 
NIRICT is the Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT and comprises all ICT research of the universities of technology in the Netherlands.

EIT Digital
EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation.

Cooperation with industry

In 2017 we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CISCO which is part of the Dutch Acceleration Agenda, an initiative of the Association of universities in the Netherlands, the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and SURF. 

Spin-off companies
  • NoWiresNeeded: Started in 1994 by 3 students. 
  • Thuisbezorgd.nl (Takeaway.com): More than 25,000 restaurants in over 10 EU countries are using its on-line food delivery service (annual turnover of several 100Me). It was founded in 2000 by a student of Business Information Technology. In 2014, the company received Me74 from external investors for further growth.
  • Booking.com: This world’s largest hotel booking company was founded in 1996 by 3 students from Computer Science and Business Information Technology. In 2005, Priceline (USA) acquired the company for M$133.
  • Virtu Secure Webservices: Started in 1999, became part Equinox (USA) in 2008 for Me48;
  • Xsens: This ICT-oriented company started in 2000 and acquired the spin-off Utellus, founded in 2008 by one of our PhD students. 
  • SecurityMatters: The company was founded in 2009 by two of our PhD students and a professor, based on intrusion-detecting research. In 2014, it opened a subsidiary in the USA. 
  • DEMCON as a spin-off company of Electrical Engineering (1993). 
  • Lionix International (2001)
  • Clear Flight Solutions (2012)
  • Athom (with their product Homey) (2014)
  • and many more

More information is also available on the website of Novel-T


We are actively looking for opportunities to make our work transparent for a broad audience. The results range from newspaper and radio interviews to presentations at pop festivals, such as the ‘Zwarte Cross’ and lecturing at the ‘Universiteit van Nederland’.  

European Robotics Forum: TechTransfer award 2016: Stefano Stramigioli and Nico Nijenhuis (Clear Flight Solutions).

Bram Nauta featured as one of the ‘12 Polder Pioneers’ in a video ‘De baanbrekende chips van Bram Nauta’ (Tweakers), (version with English subtitles).  

The 'energy household of the future' was demonstrated at popular exhibitions (LowLands 2012) and professional exhibitions (Hannover Messe 2014).