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Webinar recordings

In this space, you find the recordings of the webinars a. Please feel free to share them, listen to them, and if you would like to contact us please write to dialogicalspaces-itc@utwente.nl.


Here you can find the list with webinar recordings of our six past dialoguess done between January to May 2021. Most of the recording, except for two (Dialogue 1 and 3), are publicly available (see licensinf information below). If you want access to one of the private recordings, please contact us. 

1. 'Searching for an Inclusive and Learning Environment' by Dr. Aminata Cairo (writer/author/independent consultant). Contact us to access this recording. 

2. 'Towards a Non-Binary and Trans Policy in the University' by Prof. dr. Joz Motmans (Universiteit Gent). 

3. 'Making Norms Exceptional — Non-normative Interaction Design for and with Marginalised Bodies' by Dr. Katta Spiel (TU Wien). Contact us to access this recording. 

4. 'Reflections on, and experiences of, data decolonization' by Dr. Paola Ricaurte Quijano (Technológico de Monterrey; Berkam Klein Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University).   

5.  'Tokens of Diversity: Why walk the walk, when you can talk the talk?' by Dr. Maren Behrensen (University of Twente, Enschede). Use the access code LYMbc!47 to watch this recording. 

6. 'Decolonizing the Curriculum: why, how, and what for?' by Dr. Rosalba Icaza Garza (ISS, Erasmus University Rotterdam). 

The recordings are made available under the Creative Commons License (CC-BY).  Under this license, the following rules apply: