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What research is possible at designlab?

Designlab offers a platform for researchers with design-based questions, who wish to cooperate and translate science through design to society on a multidisciplinary level. Researchers who are conducting research on design processes and on societal impact of technology can find a place here. 

The broad perspective “Science2Design4Society” is a central point in the research in DesignLab. That’s why we strive for an optimal balance in the involvement of researchers from different faculties, disciplines and institutes. Dedicated international teaching- and research-teams create an atmosphere where cutting-edge nano-, bio-, robo-, cogno- and info- technology are confronted with social sciences and humanities, through real world design challenges. 

Current open funding call: Responsible Design

DesignLab aims to stimulate research in the area of Responsible Design. With support of TKI CLICKNL, the board of DesignLab invites UT researchers, together with societal or industrial partners, to submit proposals that aim to explore and enhance this field.

FAQ Research: Students and researchers

What is expected for a research project in DesignLab?

DesignLab University of Twente invites researchers from all disciplines to enter the funnel that leads to meaningful findings, products and services, to realize the university's ambition to connect 'high-tech' to 'human touch'. We expect the research projects to fit with the DesignLab's philosophy: scientific, design-based, multidisciplinary, and strive to answer appeals from society.

How can I bring in my research project into DesignLab?

There are different ways you can bring your own multidisciplinary research project into DesignLab:

  • a workspace where for your visiting Professors or fellows can work and connect to other researchers (please contact us);
  • facility to do your user testing or be part of one that a colleague is doing (please contact us);
  • a Science2Design4Society research method (also available in a workshop) that helps you connect social sciences to technical sciences  (please contact us);
  • stop by, meet and connect with other researchers and students in our creative space and get inspiration from different disciplines;
  • drop in and make use of the workshops to make rapid prototypes of your ideas.
How can I participate in a research project as a student?

We always welcome students to work on research projects in DesignLab. However, we would suggest you to find a staff member in your project first and get yourself introduced.

Types of research

DesignLab research is focused on the research of design, for design, and through design.

Research of design

Scientific results can be obtained by analyzing the design process itself. An example is the research on the question: Which design techniques could be used by international industrial teams to enhance creativity?

Research for design

Scientific research leads to insights that contribute to the development of new techniques, methods and theories for design. An example is research about the mediating role of social media technology and its influence on the development of inter-personal relations in a society, which can be utilized as the background study for design activities.

Research that is done within DesignLab directly or indirectly contributes to further development of the DesignLab method (R2D4S).

Research through design

Scientific results are obtained by designing and shaping of new concepts through a design process and consequently evaluating them in a scientific manner. Solutions emerge by combining academical and creative design methods. An example is the research in which the behaviour of a hospital-robot is designed for the most inviting behaviour and the effect of this on the healing process of patients.

Research activities

To maximise interaction between multiple disciplines at the UT and to promote creativity, DesignLab has teamed up with the faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences and has launched a programme called Tech4People. The program is to strengthen the link between social and technical sciences. Read more about Tech4people here.