UT - Designlab

We are Designlab

who is running the designlab?

Day to day affairs in the DesignLab are organized by us, the DreamTeam, which consists of multidisciplinary students from the University of Twente. You can find us at the information desk or running around the DesignLab in the easy-to-spot green shirts.

The team is multidisciplinary, combining students from Creative Technology, Industrial Design Engineering, Human Media Interaction, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology and more. It is also international, so please speak English with us :)

A diverse number of colleagues at the University are working together on the Science 2 Design 4 Society researchmethod lead by one post-doc researcher whom is working in and for DesignLab.

The DesignLab is lead by a board which consists of a Managing Director, 3 scientists with their individual portfolio and a Project Manager. An advisory board looks over, advises and supports the DesignLab Management Team. 

Below you can find more information about our management team.