Reserve a spot at DesignLab


We are very happy to announce that we can again start to facilitate, to a limited extent, spaces at DesignLab for practical education, project education and studying. By doing so, we want to help those that want to continue their research, and also add to the wellbeing of our staff, students and teams that we work with. 

Study spots and group work
Make sure to reserve your spot with Resource Booker. If you would like to be here with multiple people, everyone must fill in the reservation form (one person per seat). The maximum amount of people per group is 10. 

Workshops - Safety Tour
If you need to use the eWorkshop, mWorkshop, or the Digital Workshop and don't have a DesignLab Safety badge, register here. Safety tours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 13:00. 

Pick up items
If you just need to pick something up, register here.  

Practical education
If you would like to make use of the room that's reserved for practical education, please contact Anke de Koning. She will get back to you as soon as possible.

At the moment, it is not possible to register for Maker nights or large events.
For events or larger groups, please contact Firstline Support, and we will let you know what is possible for the event you would like to host in DesignLab.

We're thrilled to see you again and hope you enjoy the DesignLab atmosphere in good health!

If you are unable to enter Designlab at our main stairwell due to disabilities, please contact us directly and we will direct you to another entrance.