Event details

Contact information

So we can connect the details about your event to your request, could you fill in the questions below?

Required equipment

DesignLab has basic equipment with whiteboards, flipovers, creative material (like sticky notes, glue, origami paper) etcetera. Could you fill in the questions below regarding the required materials for your event?

We will contact you about your requirements. It may be possible the DesignLab doesn't have the required material, but there are always solutions available.


In the spaces INFORM and IDEATE, DesignLab has a television presentationscreen with two wireless clip-on microphones. DesignLab also has multiple portable TV screens which can be used in anywhere in the DesignLab.

Promotion event

All events that take place in DesignLab will be placed on DesignLab website and could possibly be placed in our newsletter.

If the event is open for public, DesignLab can event provide you with a registration form on our website. Participants or visitors to your event can sign-up on our website so you can anticipate the amount of attendees.


DesignLab is not responsible for the catering.

If you need catering service, you can contact Chef Catering directly with your wishes (www.chefcatering.nl).

All the catering will be served in LOUNGE/EXHIBIT.