Designlab lecture | Transdisciplinary Innovation: Why, what, how? With guest lecturer professor Kees Dorst

Our belief in the power of working in a transdisciplinary way is one of the key components of DesignLab's characteristic approach. And as we speak, that's what students of the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert Shaping Responsible Futures are also exploring. We invite you, our alumni and teachers to take an online seat, next to our current cohort, and join the interactive lecture on 'Transdisciplinary innovation: Why, what, how?', presented by guest lecturer professor Kees Dorst (University of Technology Sydney).

Shaping Responsible Futures

The curriculum of the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert (TMI) programme Shaping Responsible Futures is designed for master's students at the University of Twente. They collaborate with other students, from a wide range of disciplines, and learn topics such as: Transdisciplinary way of working, High-level critical & conceptual thinking, Participatory & creative problem solving and Future scenario building.

Transdisciplinary innovation

One of the modules is called Creative Intelligence. The course builds on theories of design thinking and insights from design practice and creative facilitation. New ways of making that know-how effective in transdisciplinary settings will be explored during this course, together with lecturers in and outside University of Twente.

As part of this module, professor Kees Dorst will give a lecture about the challenges and chances that arise with transdisciplinary innovation. Dorst is eager to hear about the experiences from other teachers when it comes to designing transdisciplinary programmes, research and faculties. He also invites alumni of the first cohort of TMI to share what they're going through in their new jobs.

Guest lecturer: Professor Kees Dorst

Kees Dorst is professor at the Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation of the University of Technology Sydney. He is considered one of the lead thinkers developing the field of design, valued for his ability to connect a deep philosophical understanding of the logic of design with hands-on practice. 

Over the years his focus has developed from studying how designers think to the use of designerly ways of thinking outside the traditional design domains. This has led to a body of work on paradigm shifts, framing and the nature and nurture of transdisciplinary practices. He has developed a set of methodologies to support these processes, and has experimented with them in practice (through the Designing Out  Crime / Design Innovation research centres). This led to the setting up transdisciplinary degree programs (the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation and the Master of Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation) and his founding of a Transdisciplinary Faculty. 

He is a member of the Advisory Group for the UN Development Program, overseeing the creation of platforms around the world to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

For more information about Professor Kees Dorst, read his biography.

DesignLab lectures

DesignLab regularly organises lectures, free of charge and open to everyone that is interested. The previous online lecture was given by the programme director of the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert programme, Mascha van der Voort. She talked about her ambitions regarding Transdisciplinary working and stakeholder involvement (watch the video). For this next edition, grab a cup of coffee and join the conversation about T ransdisciplinary innovation: Why, what, how?

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