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Sustainability series: Food & Packaging Panel discussion II

Designlab and Sustain presents: Sustainability series

Can one person make a difference when it comes to sustainability? How can you make a difference? Too time-consuming and complicated, you say? No, we don’t think so. Join Sustainability Series: Your impact to learn more.

Join ‘Sustainability Series: Meal that’s sustainable – how attainable?' A panel discussion to learn more.


Koen Olde Hanter

I am Koen Olde Hanter, 28 years old, have a masters in Environmental Science from the Radboud University Nijmegen and graduated on climate change. 

About two years ago I decided to quit my job as a consultant and started my company Aanstreekelijk. 
With Aanstreekelijk we try to make it as easy as possible to consume local food, we have two shops (in Oldenzaal and Delden) and because of the crisis we deliver local food at home now.

Local food means more transparency, less kilometres transport and a bigger share of the proceeds going to the local producers. 

Personally I really like playing tennis and going to the mountains, especially to go skiing!

Malou van der Vegt

I’ve always had a strong passion for anything design or food related. During my bachelor study I found a way to combine my two passions in the field of food packaging. My master study has enabled me to further combine this with my passion for sustainability. Besides my passions for food, packaging and sustainability, I love to cook, take care of my kitchen garden, kite surf and explore the world. 
My goal: reduce (food) waste, create more value for products and materials, and increase knowledge in the field of sustainability. 


The Sustainability series are in collaboration with Sustain.

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