ECIU Creathon - Smarter Regional Development

ECIU Creathon for smarter regional development
14-17 SEPTEMBER 2018

a Power-Weekend to boost smart developments in your region


Digitalisation, Urbanisation, Climate Change, Sustainability… How do these global trends affect our daily lives and what challenges brings this to the cities we live in? What is our view on the future of our region and how can we develop our own smart environment on a regional scale?

You are invited to participate in a weekend that is organized for ECIU members and their triple-helix partners, along with sister cities of Enschede.

During this weekend, creative teams will work on a specific development challenge in your region. Professionals contribute as experts in the field to several phases of this creative marathon. Next to that, professionals will also participate in workshops to develop a practical framework for ELS (Ethical, Legal and Societal) Readiness levels for regional developments.

get ready

Are you ready to experience this power weekend and join forces for the future of our smart regions? Then:

  1. Save the date, 14 - 17 September 2018.
  2. Define a challenge or specific question relevant for your city or region; your challenge should be supported by references and access to relevant (open) data. (The results of last year’s Smart Civic Participation meeting in Enschede could be used as an inspiration: ­Modal Split for transportation, ­ Drone Regulations, ­ CO2 reduction and ­ Society of well­being).
  3. Delegate 1 or 2 creative teams of students/young professionals (4 to 5 people each) to participate in the Creathon and work on your regional challenge.
  4. Invite 1 or 2 professionals representing your local municipality and business. 


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