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SUM-lab for students

The Smart Urban Mobility Lab (SUM-LAB) is an initiative by two local universities – the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR) and the Federal University of Technology Paraná (UTFPR) – and the University of Twente with the support of the City of Curitiba. Researchers from the partners will work together in the SUM-LAB to formulate the key challenges facing urban mobility in the metropolis of Curitiba. They will also examine ways in which these challenges can best be met. These researchers will cooperate in the context of various studies and in testing innovative mobility solutions, using the city as a Living Lab.

The SUM-LAB research team carries out the SUM-LAB research agenda. We study the relations between Curitiba's notorious BRT system with other modes of transportation as an attempt to assess the future of urban mobility for cities like Curitiba. The BRT is used as a starting point for our research yet it is not the exclusive topic, as we are also interested in related fields such as human behavior, psychology, communication and social sciences,  geo sciences, urban planning, local and metropolitan governance, logistics, urban design, computer science/digitalization, sociology, business administration, civil engineering (water, transportation, build environment), industrial design. Topics of study include: public transportation, land-use planning, disruptive innovations, sustainability, participation, smart mobility, urbanization.

Prospective UT students and interns will be based at the SUM-LAB and become part of the SUM-LAB research team. The SUM-LAB is based at UTFPR located in the city centre of Curitiba.

What you are going to do

The SUM-LAB offers you the possibility to carry out a 3-month research project (15 EC) in and with the city Curitiba. You will carry out a research project equipped to your level of studies, your background and your interests. As your project will be part of the SUM-LAB research agenda. You can prepare your own research proposal that allows you to add elements, topics or areas that have your interest. You may also request for a predefined research question that stems from one of the PhD projects that is already being carried out.

During your stay, you have direct access to officials of the City of Curitiba as well as students and researchers from the universities participating in the LAB. You can use the facilities of your hosting university, and you will have a local supervisor who will supervise you during your stay. You will also get the possibility for a local buddy who can help you finding your way.

You can carry out the research project as part of your graduation (BSc/MSc thesis), as an internship or as an exchange during your minor. For a selection of BMS bachelor programmes, we also offer exchange packages of 30 ECs consisting of a research project (15 EC) and courses (15 EC) that support you in your project.  

You can start your research project in March or August. Other dates are possible, but need to be approved in advance.

Your profile

You are an advanced UT bachelor’s or master student with a good proficiency in English who is outgoing and has an entrepreneurial mind. You like to work in a team and you have good social and communication skills. Although you will be part of a team, you need to manage your own project and stay in the city of Curitiba. You will be living in a big Latin American city with all the societal issues that come with it.


The following prospective supervisors accept graduates and interns:

Students from ET                                               Karst Geurs
Students from ITC                                              Anna Grigolon
Students from BMS-CW                                    Mark Tempelman
Students from BMS-PA                                     Marcel Boogers
Others                                                                Maya van den Berg

In case you are interested to pursue a project at the SUM-LAB, you are requested to contact to your prospective supervisor at least 9 months prior to the envisaged starting date.


If you have any (practical) questions, you want to know more about the SUM-LAB or you want to discuss a topic that is not listed, please feel free to contact the coordinator of the SUM-LAB:

Maya van den Berg
Tel.: +31- 053 489 3225
Ravelijn RA 1444