City of Curitiba cooperation

Outside Europe, the scale of urban issues – and of possible solutions – is many times larger and far more complex than ours. To increase our understanding of this complexity, the University of Twente is setting up structural cooperation in the fields of research and education by building up warm contacts and by being physically present so our research and education. This will allow our research to have a stronger international orientation and also our education will deliver will real Global Citizens.

In September 2015, the University of Twente has closed a Memorandum of Understanding with Curitiba. The collaboration focuses on urban development in the context of Smart Cities and in particular on safe and sustainable mobility. Smart Cities is an outstanding example of the multidisciplinary, high tech human touch approach where we are good at UT.

The ambition is to continuously have students on exchange to Curitiba that act as our ambassadors. We want to receive incoming students as to educate them and we will be developing business cases together with Dutch and local companies to increase our visibility in the city and the country. In addition, we aim at conducting joint research.