Innovator in urban development

The Brazilian city Curitiba has a population of about two million, and is located near São Paulo. Curitiba is internationally known for its innovations in the field of mobility, urban planning and sustainable development. It ranks among the leaders in an innovative approach to urban development. The city is a pioneer in innovative public transport ever since it launched its Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system thirty years ago offering a high frequency service with comfortable and attractive buses. This has resulted in a system that combines high usage with relatively low cost.

However, the BRT system has now reached its maximum capacity, and car use in the city has increased significantly. Making transport even more sustainable is now a high-priority item on the agenda. 

The Smart Urban Mobility Lab (SUM-LAB) is an initiative by two local universities – the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR), the Federal University of Technology - Paraná (UTFPR) – and the University of Twente with the support of the City of Curitiba. Researchers from the partners will work together in the SUM-LAB to formulate the key challenges facing urban mobility in the metropolis of Curitiba. They will also examine ways in which these challenges can best be met. These researchers will cooperate in the context of various studies and in testing innovative mobility solutions, using the city as a Living Lab. The lab is located at the UTFPR.