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Risk Leadership Summer Course

This Risk leadership summer course explores a targeted approach to dealing with uncertainties in a VUCA world. The common thread is the factor uncertainty, with its associated risks and opportunities.

Course introduction

Robust and rapid recovery after the pandemic, including being prepared for the next one. Ongoing digital transformation and robotisation. Continued threat of cyber risks and privacy issues. Global competition with demanding clients and customers, and unexpected geopolitical developments. These are some of the developments of our times that have an impact on businesses and organisations in the public and semi-public sector. Developments that many managers and other professionals have to deal with on a daily basis.

Please note that this course will be held in Dutch.

VUCA world

The environment associated with this is called a VUCA environment. This acronym stands for a combination of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. The common thread is the factor uncertainty, with its associated risks and opportunities. After all, much is uncertain about the speed and impact of all these developments on organisations and stakeholders. The same often applies to the management measures taken by organisations to deal with these developments cost-effectively and with sustainable support. 

Dr. Martin van Staveren MBA
“Risk Manager is a position held by few. Risk leader is a role that anyone in an organisation can fulfil.”
Core lecturer and author of 'Risk Leadership' (in Dutch)

Not that long ago, conventional risk management, carried out by the Risk Manager, was seen as the most promising approach to managing risks. This often led to complex models and protocols, extensive risk files, well-meant measures, the necessary Risk Managers and little enthusiasm in the rest of the organisation. Daily practice and many scientific studies have shown that the effect of such risk management is rather limited.

Does this mean that the Risk Manager’s role in risk management is obsolete? Certainly not. However, this role is in need of transformation: it needs to adapt to the demands of the dynamic digitising VUCA world.

Course programme

The following topics will be covered from both a theoretical and practical perspective:

  • Need for risk leadership in a VUCA environment
  • Risk leadership: the exciting combination of risk and leadership
  • Differences and similarities between ‘normal’ leadership and risk leadership
  • Risk leadership by focus, diversity, self-confidence and action
  • Risk-based approach to working as a basis for risk leadership
  • Skills and focal points for risk leadership: what is important for you and why?
  • Developing risk leadership in practice

Please note that this course will be held in Dutch.

Rob Pauwels, ,Project Leader Risk Leadership (Municipality The Hauge)
“A broader orientation and focus on leadership in the organization, precisely through risk leadership.”

Learning objectives and outcomes

This Risk Leadership summer course will help understand the why, what and how of risk leadership. On completing the course you will have the latest and high-quality knowledge, expertise and insights for your own risk leadership development, and that of your employees or colleagues. This will enable you to deal more cost-efficiently and effectively with relevant uncertainties, risks and opportunities, important factors that can have an impact on your organisation’s goals. 

The summer course provides current and relevant knowledge and expertise on the new concept of risk leadership. There will be ample opportunity for discussion with the other participants and the lecturer and you will be able to share practical examples. This will be achieved by jointly exploring and associating the skills for a risk-based approach to working, a modern form of risk management, to the daily practice of the participants during the summer course. The answering of reflection questions in groups ensures a practically viable and valuable interpretation to your own situation.

Vincent van Dortmont,
“Risk leadership calls attention to the reality of uncertainty. Confrontational but with a bright light at the end of the tunnel for everyone who sees changes in society as an opportunity. But above all, a call to do the right thing when it comes to risks. With an emphasis on one’s own goals, the organisation’s goals, as well as social goals. This Masterclass will provide enough opportunity for meaningful self-reflection.”
Senior Risk Officer, ALFAM Consumer Credit

Course information

Course details
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Date: 30-31 August, 2021
Workload: 13 hours approx.
Language: Dutch
Costs: 1.450 EUR
Target audience: executives, managers and consultants in the business community and the public and semi-public sector who are looking for refreshing and state-of-the-art knowledge and inspiration.
Extra information: The course is also available as an in-company course, in which case the course can be amended to suit your needs. The course dates can be mutually agreed upon and the course will be held at your own organisation or at another location of your choice. 

If you or your employer will be paying for the course: there are tax benefit possibilities that could save you up to 50% of the course costs. For more information we advise you to contact the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, your tax advisor or your accountant.

Course package

The CuriousU PRO all-in package varies depending on the duration of your course. 

2-day course package: 

  • Course participation (incl. lectures, literature, access to the University of Twente's digital learning environment) and course material 
  • Overnight stay at the UPark Hotel on the University of Twente campus 
  • 1x Buffet-style breakfast 
  • 2x Buffet-style lunch 
  • 1x 3-course dinner or dinner buffet & 2 dinner drinks 
  • Unlimited tea, coffee, water and soft drinks 
  • Free use of fast and secure Wi-Fi 
  • Free use of power banks for mobile phones 
  • Free parking 
  • A copy of the book Risk Leadership: A targeted approach to dealing with uncertainties (in Dutch).

Personal expenses like travel costs (plane ticket, train ticket, etc.), travel and health insurance and other expenses are not included in the fee. For more details check our terms and conditions

Course leader

Dr. Martin van Staveren MBA
Core lecturer

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