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Effective Negotiators Summer Course

Course introduction

This course focuses on the development of negotiation skills through various methods. Participants of this course can expect to learn the theory behind various approaches to negotiations discussions, simulations, case studies, and role-plays. The course leaders will examine the dynamics that occur before, during and after negotiation. The emphasis throughout the course is on participants' active participation, as that – coupled with honest feedback – is an effective way to learn new skills and change behaviour.

“Acquire knowledge and insights on negotiations and decision-making valuable for you in every day life and business.”
  • Effective preparation
    • Including a thorough analysis of interests;
    • Deep theoretical and practical understanding of fundamental concepts;
    • Drafting contingency contracts;
    • Include cultural intelligent practices;
    • Get acquainted with your bargaining style preferences;
    • Plan for negotiations in a multicultural setting.
  • Effective discussion
    • Concise opening statements;
    • Lead effective execution of negotiations;
    • Including framing the issues at hand;
    • Structuring and leading the debate;
    • Use active listening and deal with difficult situations in negotiations;
    • Finding relevant (hidden) information.
  • Effective offering
    • How to propose multi-issue offers, counter offer & package deals;
    • Advanced labelling and mirroring strategies;
    • Managing concessions and effective presentation of proposals;
    • Including effective bargaining tactics;
    • Managing conflict & disputes.
  • Effective consolidation
    • Closing the deal;
    • Implement advanced postsettlement strategies to maximize your value;
    • Be comfortable in different negotiation scenarios and look forward to negotiating on behalf of your company, organisation and yourself;
    • Design methods to enhance trust and build mutually beneficial a long-term business relationship.

Learning objectives

Understand & apply advanced elements in intermediate negotiation contexts.
  • Prepare and understand advanced elements in intermediate negotiation contexts:

    The participant is able to...

    1. Identify the advanced concepts, theories and methods in negotiations;
    2. Identify the value of reciprocity and reputation in negotiations;
    3. Identify the value of trust and types of trust in negotiations;
    4. Understand how advanced integrative behaviourshapes long-term relationships;
    5. Understand how advanced distributive negotiation behaviourclaims value;
    6. Have an advanced understanding how emotions affect negotiation behaviour;
    7. Identify key information, important for negotiations timely;
    8. Describe main strategies depending on the negotiation's scenarios;
    9. Identify how they can achieve an acceptable outcome in the negotiations;
    10. Understand the influence ofcultural intelligence.
  • Apply advanced elements in intermediate negotiation contexts:

    The participant is able to...

    1. Apply advanced concepts, theories and methods to contexts at an intermediate level;
    2. Apply advanced reciprocity principles at an intermediate level;
    3. Apply advanced trust-building activities at an intermediate level;
    4. Apply advanced integrative negotiation behaviour to shape long-term relationships at an intermediate level;
    5. Apply advanced distributive negotiation behaviour to claim value at an intermediate level;
    6. Collect and utilise important information at an intermediate level;
    7. Achieve an acceptable outcome in intermediate negotiation simulations;
    8. Adjust to any problem and the situation as it emerges during the negotiation;
    9. Select and apply relevant strategies depending on any given situation (before, during and/or after);
    10. Lead all parties involved to achieve an acceptable outcome;
    11. Prepare and apply a combination of differentstrategies in intermediate negotiations.

Course information

Course details
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Date: 26 - 27 August, 2021
Workload: 8 hours a day
Language: English
Costs: 1.050 EUR
Target group: Managerial and executive staff, with at least +5 years working experience
Specific entry requirements: 
- Participants hold a master (WO) or HBO bachelor (4 years) degree or equivalent
- Participants have at least five years of relevant working experience
- Participants have negotiation experience in a complex environment with a variety of stakeholders
- Participants are open for feedback and a willingness/ openness to self-reflect.
Teaching methods: Communication exercises, Negotiation Simulation Cases, Self-reflection and coaching, Lectures (scientific models, latest research findings effective negotiation), Case studies of tools, their application, and limitations.
Extra information: This course is part of the entrepreneurial executive-MBA programme, a collaboration between the University of Twente and Flanders Business School. More information about the MBA can be found here.


Did you know this summer course in combination with the course "Entrepreneurial Leadership" (the Mix&Match combo) could kick off of your journey towards your Entrepreneurial MBA degree? This English programme is a collaboration between the University of Twente and Flanders Business School, connected to KU Leuven in Antwerpen. 

You can enroll for this executive MBA degree through the University of Twente. We offer you four masterclasses and this summer course as a preparation for the other courses at the Flanders Business School. When completing these sessions you have already achieved 40% of the total study load! 

Course leaders

dr. A.G. Sigurdardottir (Aldis)
Assistant Professor
D.C. van der Griend MSc (David)

Course package

2-day course package: 

  • Course participation and course material 
  • Overnight stay at the UPark Hotel on the University of Twente campus 
  • 1x Buffet-style breakfast 
  • 2x Buffet-style lunch 
  • 1x 3-course dinner or dinner buffet & 2 dinner drinks 
  • Unlimited tea, coffee, water and soft drinks 
  • Free use of fast and secure Wi-Fi 
  • Free use of power banks for mobile phones 
  • Free parking 

Personal expenses like travel costs (plane ticket, train ticket, etc.), travel and health insurance and other expenses are not included in the fee. For more details check our terms and conditions

Mix & Match your course
More information
This course can be combined with the summer course "Entrepreneurial Leadership", offered 24-25 August, 2021. Meaning you will follow both courses between 24-27 August, 2021. Simply choose the combo option in the registration form to register for the two courses. Only 12 spots are available for the Mix & Match course so make sure to register as soon as you can to secure a spot!

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