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Entrepreneurial Leadership & Group Dynamics Summer Course

Shaping authentic leadership and professional growth using more than knowledge and capabilities.  

Whatever way you look at leadership or entrepreneurship, one can not escape from the reality of the embodiment in people, the importance of human beings. Entrepreneurship is acted out by people, leadership happens between people. People as meaning givers, people as instruments, people as agents… Knowing oneself in relation to desired outcomes increases likelihood of success. 

The focus in this course lays on the person of the entrepreneur/leader in his/her context zooming in on aspects of personality, (behavioral) competencies and capability (perspective on the world). Theories on leadership and entrepreneurship are supported with frames of (self)-assessment. 

Learning objectives

  • Integration of insights and application of concepts/models into real life challenges in a context of entrepreneurship and/or leadership.
  • Knowledge of relevant theories and models in the field of (entrepreneurial) leadership.
  • A personal SWOT-analysis in relationship to entrepreneurial leadership.
  • A personal action plan to build on strengths, compensate weaknesses, bridge missing elements (taking into account work environment and desired roles).
Expected learning outcomes

Course information

Course details
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Date: 24 - 25 August, 2021
Workload: 2 consecutive days (each 8 hours). Total of 2 ECTs. Additional workload is 24 hours (studying learning material, preparing journals, 360° exercise).
Extra hours: If you opt to use this course as a start of the MBA-program, two follow up sessions will follow.
Language: English
Costs: 1.050 EUR
Target group & specific entry requirements: 
- Participants hold a masters degree.
- Participants have at least 5 years of relevant working experience.
- Participants have a high degree of self reflection and interactive skills in a complex environment with a variety of stakeholders.
- Participants are open for feedback and have a high degree of self steering.
Teaching methods: 
- Appreciative Inquiry; experiential and social learning including group class discussions, feedback and intervision on real cases of students. 
- Self reflection and coaching. 
- Lecture with overview of sources of scientific models throughout the last 100 years (including basic insights on leadership and entrepreneurship). 
- Lectures on used models, tools and their application, meaning, limitations. 
- Tools for assessment and 360° exercise.
Extra information: This course is part of the entrepreneurial executive-MBA programme, a collaboration between the University of Twente and Flanders Business School. More information about the MBA can be found here.
Mix & Match your course
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This course can be combined with the summer course "Effective Negotiators", offered 26-27 August, 2021. Meaning you will follow both courses from 24-27 August, 2021. Simply choose the combo option in the registration form to register for the two courses. Only 12 spots are available for the Mix & Match course so make sure to register as soon as you can to secure a spot!

Entrepreneurial MBA

Did you know this summer course in combination with the course "Effective Negotiators" (the Mix&Match combo) could kick off of your journey towards your Entrepreneurial MBA degree? This English programme is a collaboration between the University of Twente and Flanders Business School, connected to KU Leuven in Antwerpen. 

You can enroll for this executive MBA degree through the University of Twente. We offer you four masterclasses and this summer course as a preparation for the other courses at the Flanders Business School. When completing these sessions you have already achieved 40% of the total study load! 


  • A personal development plan and journal

    - Personal development plan: SWOT + development plan (can be part of the journal).
    - Journal: In between sessions the student writes a journal incorporating self reflection, examples of applications of used frameworks, review of actions in the development plan.

    • Deadline for delivery is one week before the next session (allowing feedback to be provided by the teacher before this session takes place).
    • Deadline for the final version following the last session is agreed with the students.
  • Evaluation criteria

    - Process and quality of the journals
    - Personal and correct application of used models and frames; integration of provided feedback
    - Realism and authenticity of the development plan
    - Actual progress for the agreed actions
    - Timely delivery of required input (360° and journals)

Course leader

Dr. Marina Avau
Bridges for Choice, Flanders Business School

Course package

2-day course package: 

  • Course participation and course material 
  • Overnight stay at the UPark Hotel on the University of Twente campus 
  • 1x Buffet-style breakfast 
  • 2x Buffet-style lunch 
  • 1x 3-course dinner or dinner buffet & 2 dinner drinks 
  • Unlimited tea, coffee, water and soft drinks 
  • Free use of fast and secure Wi-Fi 
  • Free use of power banks for mobile phones 
  • Free parking

Personal expenses like travel costs (plane ticket, train ticket, etc.), travel and health insurance and other expenses are not included in the fee. For more details check our terms and conditions 

More information?

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