UTVrijhof CultureCoronavirus update 24 February 2021

Coronavirus update 24 February 2021 a little more breathing space

UPDATE 14 April: These measures will remain in force until further notice.

UPDATE 24 March: These measures will remain in force until Wednesday 21 April.

Tuesday 23 February, the Dutch Government announced a little more breathing space in the existing lockdown measures.

For Culture & Events, this means that in the upcoming weeks we will mostly continue to operate as we have since the update from 15 December 2020, but there will also be a small expansion in the Vrijhof.

Reopening music studios

The studios in the Vrijhof for individual music practice will be reopened and available during the opening hours of the Vrijhof, starting on Monday 1 March.

  • Note: You can only come here on your own, it is not allowed to bring anyone with you.

Campus Walk
We miss you! And just walking in or having lunch together outside is not an option yet. That is why we came up with something else: Campus Walk, a one-on-one appointment with an employee of Culture & Events or a board member of Cultuurkoepel Apollo. We will then walk around the Campus together, and can answer any questions.

  • If you want to make use of this, send an email to Tineke Grootenboer, stating the times when you want to take a walk. She will contact you as soon as possible!

Group lessons / association rehearsals 

In addition to the aforementioned expansion, we are investigating, together with Cultuurkoepel Apollo, whether it is possible to have (part of) the group lessons / association rehearsals take place outside.

Stay safe, stay healthy and take good care of each other!