UTVrijhof CultureFace masks are mandatory from 6 November

Face masks are mandatory from 6 November

From Saturday 6 November, wearing a face mask will be mandatory in publicly accessible buildings, including shops, libraries and educational institutions. This means that from that moment on you must wear a (non-medical) face mask when you are in any of the UT buildings. You only have to wear a face mask when you move from one room to another. Once you sit down, you can take it off. A bandana or scarf is not an acceptable alternative.

It remains important to follow the basic measures:

  • Wash your hands regularly, cough or sneeze into your elbow, do not shake hands.
  • Perform a self-test regularly.
  • Stay home if you have symptoms and get tested.

There is a simple tool that can help you make the best decision about coming to campus. Please refer to this as soon as you have any symptoms or are (or have been) in contact with someone with symptoms. To use the tool, go to www.utwente.nl/can-i-come-to-campus.

Corona Access Certificate

The nationally Corona Access Certificate that was introduced on 25 September does still apply to events or theatre and cultural performances in the Vrijhof. You can get a Corona Access Certificate if:

  • you have had two vaccinations,
  • you have had COVID-19 and have recovered,
  • you have a negative test a maximum of 24 hours old.

Your Corona Access Certificate must be on your mobile phone. To obtain this certificate, you can use the Coronacheck app.