(c) Henk Maassen: The Twist of Life - 1982
(c) Henk Maassen: Fly up Again - 1994
(c) Henk Maassen: The Family - 2012

Henk Maassen: 40 years visual artist Henk Maassen

This year is a special year for visual artist Henk Maassen. The artist born in 1953 has been making his sculptures for 40 years: from large to small, red to blue, from robust to fragile. 

Henk graduated in 1979 from the Academy of Art and Industry (AKI) in Enschede with an exhibition at the University of Twente. Five years later, he started teaching welding and creative courses at the same University of Twente, in the Vrijhof building. Now, 40 years on, the circle is complete with an anniversary exhibition where it all started. 

Henk Maassen's art has not stood still in the past 40 years. In the early years you saw many large iron structures with cables and pipes. His work gradually became more and more fragile. Henk Maassen played with equilibration and balance in thinner constructions, later switched to glass and in recent years even worked with leaves and candle wax. The artist has experienced over time how vulnerable life is and that is reflected in his entire oeuvre. 

Henk Maassen has exhibited in some prominent places throughout the years. For example, he has been asked several times to place large structures among the flowers of the Keukenhof. His large works of art also represent well-known cityscapes in his hometown of Enschede and in rural areas. Similarly in his birthplace Lent. 

In addition to his own art, Henk Maassen, father of 2 children, has also been a beloved teacher: he brings out the creativity of others! He has been teaching welding and MDF machining for 35 years and has "a solution to every problem". Whether it is custom-made designer furniture, or finding a balance in its own objects. 

In the exhibition Henk Maassen: 40 years of visual artist you will find a selection of the objects that have been made in recent decades, a collection with balance. Expect a combination of robust materials and delicate elements; metal, steel, glass, leaves, candle wax. Welding technical methods combined with recycled objects. All connected. 

The opening in presence of Henk Maasen will take place on Wednesday 18 September at 16.30. The opening remarks will be made by Elvira of Eijl and Yvet Jody provides the musical accompaniment.