KRPP persfoto
KRPP (c) Vrijhof Culture
KRPP (c) Cees Wouda

Kiddy Ride Police Patrol

The police would like to bring your attention to the following:

Are they the mounted police, the motorcycle department or both?
Whatever they are, the cops of Kiddy Ride Police Patrol are at your service during the Kick-In Opening Fair!

These two members of the mounted police, sat atop theirĀ  impressive motorcycles, will keep an eye on everything and everybody.

Law enforcement and safety in public spaces is their primary goal. Walk too fast? You'll be caught on police camera and pulled over. And you better believe that no amount of excuses or begging will get you out of that ticket.
Members of the public will be controlled, inspected or tested with a very special Breathalyzer.
Cyclists will be given a unique motorcade when they least expect it.
Random roadblocks will be set up, to catch people in the act of whatever it is they were doing...

Theatrical police-interventions with a high entertainment level.

End of police notice.