For students, PhD’s  and UT-employees

You don’t need a Union- or CampusCard  for the course offers below.

Basic Welding Course (group)

Teacher: Henk Maassen

Location: Metal workshop (room 144) in the Vrijhof building

Stick welding, it looks so cool… people with masks and lots of fire! Do you want to know how it feels? That’s possible by joining the course stick welding! In this course you will learn the basics of electrical welding, so at the end you will be able to weld your own “creations”. In 8 evenings, of 3 hours each, you will gather enough skills and craftsmanship to create a solid weld.

The teacher Henk Maassen is connected to the Vrijhof UT since 1984! Throughout the course he will transfer his knowledge as a welder and artist of big metal objects. With the knowledge of this (hobby) course, you´ll can enjoy you skills as a hobby welder.

The main focus of this course is to explore your interest and goals of welding. The enthusiast teacher will help you to get you there. You will also learn how to handle an angle grinder to clean your welds.
Don’t forget to bring your (old) working cloths and closed shoes. So… rough ladies and gentleman where are you waiting for? Come and join this Welding course.

NB: Welding can be dangerous. Accidents can’t always be prevented. Participation is at own risk. Take notes of all safety prescriptions.

The lessons take place on Monday night from 19.00-22.00 hrs.

Course fee: student € 290,- (student card number required) and others € 340,-. The fees include everything from welding materials, to protective cloths and tools.

You can sign up by mail.  

A minimum of 5 people is required to start this course.
The course will only start if this requirement is met.
You will ensure your participation by paying half of the fee in advance.

Open enrollment.

Drawing and Painting (group)

Teacher: Louis van Aarle.

Location: Atelier in the Vrijhof building

Sometimes while walking in a museum, secretly admiring a particular painting and struck by the feeling it gives you, you wonder how the painter succeeded in bringing this feeling across. This and more you will learn in the course ‘drawing and painting’. 

By getting to know different art styles you learn to develop various skills that stimulate your creativity. You get acquainted with all kinds of motives and material and are supported and facilitated in finding your own personal way in this creative process. 

This 8-session course is in the evening on Monday or Tuesday from 19.00-22.00 hrs, during the entire academic year, start date in consultation with the teacher.

Course fee includes material: student € 75,-, UT-employees € 120,- and others € 150,-.

You can sign up by mail or calling the teacher: 06 2057 2882.

PIANO SENSE (Individual)

Teacher: Han Schokker.

The course consists of individual piano lessons in a piano studio at the Vrijhof.

This course is meant for both beginning and advanced students.

Students and staff can join the course at any moment.

The duration of the course as well as the frequency of the lessons, day of the week, time of day and even the contents are arranged with the teacher.

And in case you have come to like it, just register once again!

Fee per lesson: student € 16,25, UT- staff € 20,00

You can sign up by mail or calling the teacher: 06 1175 5569.