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Model Drawing course

In the footsteps of Da Vinci, Rembrandt or VAN GOGH?

Anyone who has ever stood in front of the Mona Lisa, The Night Watch or The Birth of Venus will undoubtedly have thought; "how did these great masters manage to capture these models so 'vividly'?".

In order to draw, and eventually paint, the human body, it is important that you study it carefully. You will learn this in this course.  We will use different approaches and employ different styles from art history. Over a number of sessions you will become more familiar with quick and longer drawing tasks. You will learn how to develop your skills in depicting the human body in two-dimensional form. We work with live (nude) models. This course gives you the freedom to discover and develop your own tastes and preferences.

Discover the Da Vinci, Rembrandt or Van Gogh in yourself. Sign up quickly!

This course is only for employees and students with a valid Union/Campus card.

Further information: Joke Sanchez, Coordinator Cultural Education, cultuurcentrum@utwente.nl, 053-4895759

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Model Drawing course
April 2023
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