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Joe Eagan
Marco Moretti
Brian Jordan
Erik Iancovici
Loren Mayshark
MC Adam Fields

Global Comedy Night - cancelled MC Adam Fields & guests

Cancelled due to new COVID-19 measures. Purchased tickets will be refunded asap.

The Global Comedy Night is an evening stand-up in its purest form. Hilarious, inventive, sometimes a little strange or with a musical twist, but always funny. Because that’s what comedy is all about: the joke! 

The Comedy Night is a relaxed night. Make sure your phone is turned off when the bestcomedians hit the stage.

This 20th(!) edition will be slightly different, with no less than 5 comedians from all over the world, but with their base in Scandinavia. Their names are: Joe Eagan (Canada), Brian Jordan (US), Loren Mayshark (US), Marco Moretti (Italy) and Erik Iancovici (Austria/Sweden).

Joe Eagan entertains crowds with his unique perspective about life as a Canadian in Europe, culture clashes, stereotypes, and lots of other fun things - a maple syrup mix of observational humour you can’t miss!

Brian Jordan is quickly becoming the name to know in comedy. He has a unique, laid-back style combined with an old school (read outdated) take on life. He has performed throughout Europe and North America at legendary places such as Yuk Yuk’s, Laughing Skull Lounge, and Stand-up Antwerp, as well as many comedy festivals including the Utrecht Comedy Festival, Lund International Comedy Festival, and many more.

Loren Mayshark is from New York State and has been around comedy for years. He started by working at the international Lucille Ball Festival in Jamestown, NY where he worked the door for popular acts such as Billy Gardell and Joe Machi, gaining valuable insights from famous comedians. He has been compared to both Adam Sandler and Jerry Seinfeld but has a style that is completely unique. He focuses on observational, absurdist, and political humour but you are never quite sure what he will do as he is constantly offering surprising new twists in his act.

Marco Moretti moved from the north of Italy to the north of Europe, and he's been doing stand-up in Scandinavia for several years. Dark humour mixed with love, culture, and food rage.

"The funniest Italian comedian in Scandinavia" - A random audience member

"My favourite of all time" - His mom

"The guy owes me 10 bucks" - A friend from Italy who's been waiting for a while

Erik Iancovici stormed upon the Northern European comedy scene way back in 2013. He combines subjects such as current affairs, politics, and sex - they do go well together - with more mundane subjects such as personal relationships, semantics, and more sex, as well as (sometimes) a slight disrespect for political correctness, this Swede of Austrian descent is bound to keep the audience both laughing and gasping.

Master of Ceremonies is Adam Fields, a true Londoner currently living in Amsterdam. 


Chosen as their inspiration night by T.S.V. Pro Deo; all members can attend this performance free of charge, provided they are registered with the board in time.