Project led education


Course code

PLE_on demand


On demand

Time and Place

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Group size

Max 15 participants


Lecturers / (assistant) professors / PhD candidates with a project design task


1.  At the end of the first meeting (educational principles of PBL) the teacher is able to:

  • define type of projects in their own professional field
  • evaluate the appropriateness of a chosen project within the curriculum as a whole
  • clearly formulate a project assignment

2. At the end of the second meeting (designing a project) the teacher is able to:

  • design learning goals for the project
  • design the amount of control/complexity
  • organize the project

3. At the end of the third meeting (testing and assessments in projects) the teacher is able to:

  • explain different test forms and their relationship with certain educational concepts, like TOM
  • develop a balanced test programme
  • design a testplan
  • design a test matrix and give feedback on test matrices of colleagues
  • design an evaluation plan for project evaluation


This training is focused on developing project led education.

This training is designed for teachers who wil (re-)design a project in the UT bachelor education (TOM). The training is tailor-made. On the basis of a so-called ‘menu card’ of options a programme will be put together which caters for specific needs of the teachers involved. Wherever possible educational stakeholders such as the programme director, a module coordinator and an experienced teacher will be involved into the training propgramme.

Usually the faculty educational advisor, possibly complemented by an educational expert of the Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching (CELT), will act as trainers. The training consist of three sessions plus a follow-up session.

The first meeting will address the choice of a project assignment, the second the global design of a project and the third the design of a test programme and testplan, that give feedback on how to improve, so it stimulates learning and personal growth.

In the training much attention is paid to the group discussion and sharing ideas and experiences. All participants will work on the (re-)design of their own teaching material.


For the standard training programme: 18 hours, consisting of 4 meetings (3 times 4 hours and o 1 time 3 hours) and 3 hours of self-study.


Not applicable

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