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WebHare light (UT websites)

DURING THE WEBHARE basic COURSE YOU WILL LEARN the basics you need to know for updating an existing website.

The new template looks like this:

Time effort: 2,5 hours (course leader will be available for an additional hour if you want to stay and work on your website or ask individual advice)
Dates: See the sign up form below this page
Costs: free
For whom: For employees who update websites but do not use all advanced features. For office managers and others that work with WebHare occasionally. (Please note: students and science staff who are 'good with computers' in general may skip the basic course and can sign up for the expert course.)
Course period: usually on Tuesday morning (but sometimes another day)
Language: Main language is Dutch. Courses will be held in English if non Dutch speaking participants sign up. Powerpoint slides are always in English.
Teacher: Anne Heining or Natasja Alferink
Course material: Powerpoint presentation provided during the course; bring your own laptop with internet connection


  • The new text editor
  • Structure of files and folders; navigation
  • Pictures and video's
  • Options in the header area
  • Rules/agreements/nice to know
  • If time, basic information about extra features

If you have questions about this course, contact one of the teachers mentioned above.

Please note:
A laptop is necessary for this course. Please bring your own laptop.
Contact 5665 if you cannot bring a laptop. We will try to arrange something for you.

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