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Combined basic/expert training for program committees


  • Participants in this training will learn how they can influence decision-making at the university in employee participation.
  • The training briefly discusses the general principles of employee participation in higher education, and then focuses on the special role of service councils.
  • We discuss the organizational structure of the university and the position of the service councils within it.
  • We also discuss the specific rules that apply to service councils. Participants are asked to introduce cases and questions in advance, so that a lot of attention is paid to their own situation.
  • Nota Bene: the course partly overlaps with the basic employee participation course, but goes further in depth, specifically on topics that are relevant for members of service councils.


  • Consent, advice and right of initiative
  • University organization and governance
  • WHW and regulations
  • Exercising influence in employee participation

All UT courses are offered in English. Unless all participants who registered for the course have Dutch as their first language.

  • Programme is for

    Members of service councils

  • Date

    28 Sept 2021

  • Time

    10:00-12:00 (1,5 hours and a half our extra for individual questions)

  • Location


  • Maximum participants

    15 participants

  • Trainers

    Jasper Groen and/or Menno van der Veen, Senior Trainers, TAQT training en advies

  • Course materials

    Does not apply

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Combined basic/expert training for program committees
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