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Teaching courses

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Dates 2019

Friday 8 February, 9.00-12.30

Monday 25 February, 13.00-16.30

Monday 11 March, 13.00-16.30

in Drienerburght  

Course fee

This training will be paid from central funds. However, you do need permission from your head of department.

Group size

Maximum 14 participants.


Jose Franken, programme coordinator Lean 

Course materials

Provided via sharepoint 


For those employees who will be part of a change team, or who will have the change lead role, in a team which has to realize an improvement 


You’ll have an overview of the wow-of- working in UT –Agile scrum.

You know and have had some first experiences on how to:

  • Define and scope the problem
  • Perform an audience analysis
  • Break up the project in milestones
  • Follow, discuss and steer progress
  • Reflect on the improvement process 


Case based, the different phases of the Agile scrum way of working will be discussed. Small groep excersises will be carried out during the training. 

Time spent:

  • 3 half-day course days: 3*4hrs
  • Personal assignement: 2*2 hrs 

Admission requirement:

Some experience with working in an agile-scrum team is a plus.

Further information
Marjolein Rietman
Career Development Centre

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