I'm dyslexic. Which facilities are available?

About five percent of UT students is dyslexic, so you're not the only one. UT offers a number of facilities that you can use during the course of your studies.

informing the study programme

If you wish to make use of particular facilities, you must inform the department in a timely manner. You can contact the study adviser. On the basis of your dyslexia statement and your interview with the study adviser, the facilities you qualify for are established. Examples of such facilities are: extra time during exams, exam papers in a larger font, use of tools such as a laptop, etc. Bring your dyslexia certificate to your first interview with the study adviser! The whole process is described here.

(extra) exam facilities

If you wish to use extra facilities (e.g. extra time, separate room etc.) during exams, you need to do the following:

- Report your circumstances as soon as possible after starting the study programme. Show your statement/doctor's note to the study advisor. The study advisor will request a facilities card that you can bring to exams.

- After receiving an e-mail, pick up your card at the exams office (Tentamenbureau-TNW@utwente.nl)

- Make sure to always bring the card (as well as your student ID) when you have to write a test.