Studieadviseur Scheikundige Technologie

Now that you're at university we expect you to be independent, and capable of making your own arrangements. However, when you start a new programme (in a new city/country) this can prove to be quite challenging, and might require some time. Therefore, the university offers assistance and guidance for students, the person that students can address with questions/comments is the study advisor.

The study advisor for Chemical Science & Engineering is Nienke Oesterholt. 

Study advisor
N.H. (Nienke) Oesterholt
Study advisor

Office: HT 707
Working days: Mondaymorning, Tuesday, Thursday, Fridaymorning. 

Planning an appointment:

+31 (0)53-489 6820

In your first year you will be assigned a mentor. The mentor is one of the CSE lecturers, he/she will be your first go-to person in case of questions or problems. During the first year you will have an introductory meeting and 1 or  2 progress meetings. You will keep your mentor for the entire BSc phase, but after the first year meetings will be less frequent (but meetings can always be planned at the student's initiative).


If you have a short question e-mail usually works well, or drop by (if the door is open it means you're welcome!)

If your question is more complicated, or there's something that you want to talk about, it's usually better to plan an appointment. You can use the online planner (, e-mail or phone (053 4892901). An appointment usually takes about half an hour, in some cases it's useful to plan a follow-up appointment. 


The study advisor is available for questions regarding: the programme, study methods or personal circumstances that influence your ability to (concentrate on your) study. For example: 

  • Am I in the right study programme?
  • What should my study plan look like for the coming quarter?
  • I think I can use an extra challenge next to my CSE modules. Which options are there?
  • In high school I passed my exams without much effort. How come I'm failing my exams now?
  • I'm a top athlete, what kind of facilities are available?
  • I'm experiencing personal problems, can we make an adjusted study plan?

An appointment with your mentor or the study advisor is usually a good first step towards answering your question/solving your problem. If necessary the study advisor can refer you to other people/departments inside or outside the university.


Anything you discuss with the study advisor is confidential. Only when it's useful to share information, and then only with your explicit permission will third parties be involved. The study advisor adheres to the code of conduct of the LVSA (national association of study advisors).