After finishing your Bachelor's you can continue to study for a Master's in Chemical Engineering. Before taking MSc courses you need to have completely finished your BSc (due to the government's 'bachelor-before-master' rule).

The UT MSc programme that provides the most logical fit for your Bachelors is the MSc programme in Chemical Engineering. But, there are other options too, you can study to obtain a teaching qualification (only in Dutch) or continue with another UT MSc programme such as Sustainable Energy Technology , Nanotechnology, Applied Physics, Biomedical Engineering and Philosophy of Science and Technology.

The MSc in Chemical Engineering has two tracks (specializations): Molecular & Materials Engineering (MME) and Chemical & Process Engineering (CPE)  

After finishing all your Bachelor's modules the board of examiners will (automatically) declare that you have passed the Bachelor's examination. Subsequently, you will receive an invitation to the graduation ceremony (these usually take place at the end of September and the end of March). If you wish to postpone passing the Bachelor's examination you need to inform the Board of Examiners. The procedure for enrolling in a Master's programme is published each year in the 'Student News' that is sent to all students (by e-mail) by the Student Services department.

More information about the MSc programme in Chemical Engineering can be found here: