As of 2016-2017 Methods and Tools for Verification will no longer be offered as a specialization within the Master's programme of Computer Science. Students who already started the programme can continue the specialization according to the course programme agreed upon with the programme mentor. 

Starting students with an interest in verification are referred to the Software Technology specialization. 

The Methods and Tools for Verification (MTV) programme is targeted towards ambitious computer science students, who want to become

  • validation engineers, who know a broad range of validation techniques and tools, and know when and how to apply these techniques and tools within a system’s life cycle, and/or
  • researchers, who want to do theoretical and foundational research in the realm of formal methods, and/or
  • tool builders, who are able to implement formal theories into working tools, which then can assist system- and validation engineers in developing correct systems.

Apart from the general attainment levels for the Computer Science Master, MTV graduates demonstrate their specialist knowledge as follows.

  • MTV graduates have a thorough knowledge of and understand the scope of formal methods as a scientific and design discipline.
  • MTV graduates have a thorough knowledge of, understand and gain practical experience with the application of formal methods and tools in the development process of software, distributed and/or embedded systems.
  • MTV graduates can apply formal methods and tools during system design on the basis of knowledge and insight, make an informed selection of these and contribute to their further development.
  • MTV graduates have knowledge of and understand various aspects of theoretical computer science, including process algebra, type theory, proof systems and formal testing theory.
  • MTV graduates have specialist knowledge and understanding of one or more sub-fields or aspects of the formal methods discipline, e.g. Process Algebra, Software Model Checking, Distributed Model Checking, Program Verification, Proof Systems, Testing, Quantitative Modeling and/or Analysis, Graph Transformations, Game Theory.
  • MTV graduates have practical experience conducting scientific research into formal methods, contribute to such research, apply the results, follow the trends of this sub-field and contribute to its further development.

Programme mentor

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Prof. dr. M. (Marieke) Huisman
Room: Zilverling 3039
Phone: 053 489 4662

The Formal Methods and Tools (FMT) group is responsible for the MTV Master programme. The MTV Master programme is closely related to the CTIT research on the topic of dependable systems. See also the related Twente Graduate school Programme Dependable and Secure Computing


More information on the course programme is available on the website of the Formal Methods and Tools group.
Course programme on the Formal Methods and Tools website