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How to enroll as a guest student in Delft

How does a student from Twente enrol as a "bijvak" student in Delft?

  1. Enrol in the Computer Science master in Twente via studielink
  2. Enrol in in Delft via studielink providing the following information:
    1. Type of study programme: Master’s or other follow-up study programme
    2. Starts in first year: Yes
    3. Educational institution: Delft University of Technology
    4. Study programme name (institution): Guest student Computer Science (master level)
  3. Ask for a certificate payment tuition fees (in Dutch: BBC) stating the amount of tuition fees that have been paid for your enrolment, your type of enrolment and for what period via CSA:   
  4. Send an e-mail to Barbara Sieverink ( and ask for a declaration from the Board of Examiners for the enrolment of the 3TU Cyber Security program in Delft and state your name and student number. This declaration can be collected in the building Citadel, room H429.
  5. Send all information to:
    Delft University of technology
    Attn. CSA PO Box 5 2600 AA Delft

For more information see: