How to enroll as a guest student in Delft

How does a student from Twente enrol as a "bijvak" student in Delft?

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  1. Enrol in the Computer Science master in Twente via studielink
  2. Enrol in in Delft via studielink providing the following information:
    1. Type of study programme: Master’s or other follow-up study programme
    2. Starts in first year: Yes
    3. Educational institution: Delft University of Technology
    4. Study programme name (institution): Guest student Computer Science (master level)
  3. Ask for a certificate payment tuition fees (in Dutch: BBC) stating the amount of tuition fees that have been paid for your enrolment, your type of enrolment and for what period via CSA:   
  4. Send an e-mail to BOZ for a letter on behalf of the Examination Board
  5. Collect the rest of the documents
  6. Send all information to Delft University of technology