Graduation procedure

Start and registration

The student normally starts his final project when he has no non-finished courses.

The registration for your graduation (Research Topics and Final project) takes place beforehand in Mobility Online (Standard registration for Research Topics, and Extended registration for the Final project). More information on Mobility Online in the manual and on the Educational Systems website. The registration is complete after your signed registration form has been uploaded and confirmed in Mobility Online.

Green Light

At the end of his graduation work the graduation committee gives the student the “green-light declaration”. The committee can do so by sending an email to This means the student can finalize his work and organize his colloquium. The result of his graduation work will be sufficient. This “green-light declaration’ has a tenability of three months and has to been sent to BOZ at least a month before the students final presentation. Within this period the colloquium must be held. For a standard text of the “green-light declaration” see further on.

  • Between application of the exam and the colloquium there must be at least one month.
    BOZ sends a list of marks to the student by e-mail.
    The student checks if the list is complete.

Hereafter BOZ will check if all requirements of the the study programme are met and send the list of marks to the examination board. Finally the chairman of the board will apply a last formal check if the applied students are entitled to the diploma.

Colloquium and Diploma

BOZ will make a reservation for a room and announce the colloquium as soon as the examination board has given its permission.

BOZ takes care that the diploma will be produced and that it will be signed by the chairman of the examination board. BOZ takes care the diploma is bearing all official stamps needed from CSA.

On the day of the colloquium the 1st committee member of the student picks up the diploma at BOZ. After the colloquium the diploma will be handed to the student. The diploma has to be signed by the 1st committee member and the student. The 1st committee member also fills in the mark note.

The first committee member delivers the mark a.s.a.p. at BOZ so that BOZ can finalize the list(s) of marks of the student to write it down in the Diploma Supplement.

BOZ emails the student as soon as the lists of marks are ready that he can pick them up; if necessary they can be sent to the student.

In case the student still has not finished courses at the moment of his presentation his programme will be discussed in the next meeting of the examination board. When the board declares that the student has successfully completed his study the student can pick up his diploma at BOZ.

The student has to check if his tuition fee has been paid, otherwise no diploma can be handed out.

Text for green-light

Herewith I inform you that student ………….., programme ……….., student number ……………,  has been given the green-light from his graduation committee to finalize his final project. As far as we are concerned he can give his final presentation.

Checklist for graduation


Has an approved study programme


The final project has been registered, uploaded and approved in Mobility Online

First supervisor

check list of marks; at start of final project no EC's open

First supervisor

send green-light declaration to


plan colloquium


make room reservation for colloquium


apply for exam; there should be at least 4 weeks between exam application and colloquium and check if the tuition fee has been paid


send list of marks to student to check

Examination board

declare student graduated; if sufficient for presentation

First supervisor

pick up diploma at BOZ on day of colloquium


sign diploma

First supervisor

deliver mark note at BOZ


lists of marks ready within month after colloquium


pick up lists of marks at BOZ


send master thesis to BOZ by email in pdf-format