Example description final project

Example description final project

Description Final Research Project

Name: João Paulo Andrade Almeida
Cluster: TSS
Graduation advisor: Dr. L. Ferreira Pires

Title: Dynamic Reconfiguration of Object Middleware-based Distributed Systems


New generation distributed computing systems often consist of co-operating components, and make use of object middleware technology, such as CORBA, Java RMI and DCOM. These systems are currently being deployed in mission-critical and long-running applications, such as, for example, telecommunication switches and e-commerce solutions. During their lifetime, these applications must evolve to cope with advances in technology, modifications of their operating environments, and the ever-changing human needs. Due to their availability requirements, it is usually not acceptable (e.g., for economical or safety reasons) to cause major interruptions in the service provided by these systems.

The aim of dynamic reconfiguration is to allow a system to evolve at run-time, as opposed to design-time, while introducing little (or ideally minimal) impact on the system’s execution. In this way, systems do not have to be taken off-line, rebooted or restarted to accommodate changes. With the advance of middleware technologies, more middleware-based solutions are deployed for systems that would profit from dynamic reconfiguration. The development of such systems can be facilitated through the inclusion of reconfiguration support in a middleware platform. In this way, application developers can make use of the reconfiguration facilities provided in the middleware platform to deliver applications that can live up to their requirements.

The objective of this assignment is to define an architecture and design of middleware support for reconfiguring CORBA-based distributed systems at run-time. The proposed architecture should minimise the requirements on the application layer, maximise the transparency for the involved CORBA objects (especially true for client object in case of a server object upgrade), and minimise the impact on the application development process.

Extern: Lucent Technologies, Enschede.


Date of rapport

Approval of graduation advisor

Graduation committee
prod.dr.ir. L.J.M. Nieuwenhuis (chairman)
dr. L. Ferreira Pires (1st co-ordinator)
dr. M.J. van Sinderen (2nd co-ordinator)
ir. M. Wegdam (external co-ordinator)

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