Programme mentor

The diploma is earned by obtaining satisfactory assessment results for each of the various units of study. The Examination Board ultimately determines whether the student’s results make him/her eligible for the diploma. This determination includes an assessment of whether the subjects and projects completed satisfy the applicable requirements and whether the level of the results achieved merit the diploma. The student has a great deal of freedom in selecting the subjects and projects completed towards earning the diploma. The entire list of units of study selected and completed by the student is called the course programme.

The conditions placed on selecting subjects and projects are sometimes easy to meet, but is still mandatory in all cases that the student obtains formal approval for the choices he/she makes.

The Examination Board appoints programme mentors who, on its behalf, assess the choices made by students in completing their programme according to the applicable regulations and any additional requirements imposed by the admissions board. If assessed positively, the programme mentors then approve the students’ course programmes on behalf of the Examination Board.

The course programme conditions are presented in the ‘Course Programmes’ section below. The conditions placed on the course programmes differ according to programme, track and specialization.

Every programme has its own programme mentor. Programmes offering various specializations and graduation subject fields generally have programme mentors for each specialization and graduation field.

List of programme mentors

  • Computer Security - prof. dr. P.H. (Pieter) Hartel
  • Information Systems Engineering - Dr. A. (Andreas) Wombacher
  • Methods and Tools for Verification - Dr. M. (Marieke) Huisman
  • Software Engineering - dr. ing. C.M. (Christoph) Bockisch
  • Wireless and Sensor Systems - prof. dr. P.J.M. (Paul) Havinga / ir. H. Scholten