Organization & support

Programme committee (OLC)

The PC-IT concerns itself with the bachelor’s programme TCS and the master’s programmes CSC and IS&T. The HMI programme used to be included in the list, but these days the programme has its own PC, which it shares the the bachelor’s programme CreaTe. 

The committee consists of:

Staff members

prof. dr. Paul Havinga (chair)
prof. dr. Marieke Huisman
Ir. Bert Molenkamp

Student members

Iris Heerlien (vice-chair)
Ties Bolding
René Boschma
Wybren Kortstra

Registry / Contact
Sabine Padberg

In addition to the members, the following people also attend the meetings.

dr. Ir. Geert Heijenk Programme director
Céline Heijnen, MSc. Programme coordinator bachelor
Marloes van Grinsven, MSc. Programme coordinator master


25 October 2016
22 November 2016
20 December 2016
17 January 2017
14 February 2017
11 April 2017
16 May 2017
13June 2017
11 July 2017


The PC-IT is an advisory committee for the programme director and must be heard on all educational matters. This includes, amongst others, the programmes, study workload, schedules, complaints and course evaluations. In order to guard the quality of education, the committee concerns itself with the vision on education, the forms of educations, the common thread in the programme and feasibility of the programme.


Matters regarding the curriculum, complaints and study workload are all discussed within the programme committee. When necessary, extra attention is requested and advice is issued.


The programme director always has the casting vote, but must seriously consider the opinion of the programme committee. The advice of the programme committee is almost always honored.