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Semester 2: Electives + graduation project for preTOM students

The third year program of the preTOM generation (generation 2012 and earlier) has the following structure:


Semester 1

Semester 2

30 EC


15 EC


15 EC


Semester 2 is focused on the 15EC Graduation Project (GP) and in parallel 15EC of Elective courses.

Elective Courses

The Elective courses of the preTOM generations should fulfill according to the Teaching and Examination Regulations 2015-2016 (TER) the following conditions:

“To participate in the electives, students must have completed units oftheir first and second year totalling at least 90 credits.” (TER, page 12)

“c (electives) The second year tutor has given permission (on behalf of the Examination Board) for the choice of electives; the tutor has the authority to refuse permission even if a proposed choice of courses meets the requirements c1, c2, c3 and c4.

c1 (electives) At least one unit among the electives deals with ethics and professional standards.

c2 (electives) other units among the electives deal with research into human-product relationships, from the perspective of behavioural and/or management sciences, except for students who opt for an effort as described under c3 or c4.

c3 (electives) one unit among the electives, with a study load of 5 EC maximum, can be an assistantship in a final project of a fellow student. It must be clear that the student doing the final project defines the work of the assistant, and acts as his or her manager. An examiner appointed by Examination Board is responsible for the assessment of the assistant’s work.

This option cannot be combined with the option under c4. The Examination Board sets rules for assistantships.

c4 (electives) one unit among the electives, with a study load of 5 EC maximum, can be devoted to academic writing. (201300223 Academic Writing for CreaTe) This option cannot be combined with the option under c3.

c5 (electives) one unit among the electives can be devoted to study tour preparation. (201300292 Study Trip Theme Course) This option is available only for participants.” (TER, page 19)

C1 Elective courses: Ethics

The Teaching and Examination Regulations require that one of your elective courses is devoted to ethics and professional standards. The Ethics for CreaTe course (201200217) is a course that meets this requirement. This course is now embedded in Module 7 (quartile 3) under the name Acting Responsibly. Registration for this course must be done via a request by email to Ms. Barbara Spikker-Sieverink ( She will make sure you will be enrolled in the corresponding blackboard site of the module and that your grade will be correctly administered.

Available alternatives are:

  • 191612680 Computer Ethics (block 1B). This is a master course for the HMI master and is taught in quartile 2.

C2 Elective courses: research into human-product relationships

The Teaching and Examination Regulations also require that your other electives deal with research into human-product relationships, from the perspective of behavioural and/or management sciences. The available options for 2015 – 2016 are displayed in the following table.

  1. 201100022 Cyber Crime Science, 5EC (Quartiles 3 and 4)
  2. 201200206 Remote Care Nearby, 5EC (Quartile 3)
  3. 201400584 Design of Persuasive Health Technology, 5EC (Quartile 3). This course replaces the former course: 201100229 Entertainment Education, 5EC (Quartile 3)
  4. 201300129 Communication Technology for Global Work, 5EC (Quartile 4)

At least one of the courses above must be chosen to meet the conditions of the TER. However, the Examination Board may grant you permission to take another course, not in the electives list, which meets this requirement for a c2 elective. You can propose such an alternative to your tutor. Your tutor does not have the authority to approve, but he can join you in a request to the Examination Board to grant you permission for this alternative.

Students can also choose two c2 Electives if no c3 or c4 electives are chosen.

C3 or C4 Elective courses: Assistantship or Academic Writing

Finally, the Teaching and Examination Regulations allow you to swap one of the c2 electives (so not the one devoted to ethics and professional standards) for either an academic writing course (c4) ), or an assistantship (c3) with a fellow student who does graduation work.

Academic Writing (201300223) will still be offered this academic year. It will be offered in quartile 3 or 4. Please check your email for updates concerning this information.

Concerning the c3 Elective, the assistantship, the following procedure applies. If you want to support the graduation work of a fellow students, and gain credits for it, both you and your fellow student must turn to the Examination Board to gain permission. Permission will be given only if there are clear learning targets for the assistant, and there is an agreement with the graduation supervisor that he will also assess the assistantship.

Elective courses: admission criteria and enrolment

Note the following:

  • You cannot take an elective course (or a replacement) unless you have completed units of the first two years with a total study load of at least 90 EC.
  • Approval by the Examination Board (and your tutor) of your proposal to take an elective course which is not in the list, does not guarantee your admission to the proposed course. The authority to grant you admission lies with the teacher of the course, and the Examination Board of the programme to which the course belongs, not with the Creative Technology Examination Board. Please check your admissibility with the teacher of the course.
  • Your choice of electives requires the written approval of your tutor. Use the electives approval form and hand it in at Ms. Barbara Spikker-Sieverink (Citadel H429).
  • Enrolment for the electives will take place simultaneously with enrolment by the first TOM generation (generation 2013). The enrolment procedure will be coordinated by the Module 11 coordinator, Ms. Joke Oosterhuis-Geers ( You will be requested on the 9th of December, 2015, to send you preferences via email to her. The First Come First Serve principle will be used for the elective options.
  • Some of the electives have a limited number of places available. In the table below you can find this information.

Courses (5 EC)




No. places

Computer Ethics (master HMI)


No limit

Ethics for CreaTe


No limit

Cyber Crime Science



No limit

Communication Technology of Global Work



Design of Persuasive Health Technology (replacement of Entertainment Education)



Remote Care Nearby


No limit




No limit

Academic Writing




Graduation project

The Graduation Project (GP) can be started at the beginning of a semester (September 1st or February 1st). All information concerning the 15EC Graduation Project can be found at the GP information overview. Here in, you can find the requirements you have to fulfil and you can find all important information about the preparation you have to do in order to start smoothly with the graduation project of your choice. Please make sure you will arrange a timely intake interview with the graduation project supervisor (Richard Bults, Zilverling 1028, This can be done 6 weeks prior to the start of the graduation semester (i.e. for the February 2016 semester, intake interviews can be planned from December 1st, 2015, onwards).