CUM LAUDE 2019 - 2020

Granting of the notation Cum Laude (with honours) is based on the rules set out in the Rules and Guidelines. The articles cited below concern the awarding of the notation of Cum Laude.

Art 1.18 -               CUM LAUDE (WITH DISTINCTION)

  1. A student may pass the Bachelor’s final degree audit with distinction (cum laude). The following conditions must be met to obtain the award of distinction:

         b. when determining the above average, the modules for which no marks have been awarded or for which exemptions were     granted will be left out of consideration; 

        c. none of the modules of the examination programme has been awarded an unsatisfactory grade;

       d. no more than one module has been awarded a 6; 

       e. exemptions have been granted for no more than one third of the total degree programme; 

       f. the assessment mark of the Graduation Project in the “We Create Impact” module is at least an 8.0. 

       g. the bachelor programme has been completed within a maximum of four years (performance requirement).

  1. In exceptional cases and at the student’s request, the Examination Board may award the distinction (cum laude) if the student has met all requirements with the exception of the performance requirement, due to extenuating circumstances. These circumstances may involve delays recognised and provided for by the institution.
  2. It should be noted that the award of distinction is never awarded automatically. In exceptional cases such as fraud the Examination Board may decide not to grant cum laude.