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CreaTe diploma and Enrollment for consecutive master

Enrollment in a master study requires you to have a bachelor diploma that allows access to your master of designation. Previously, universities other than the UT allowed written statements from us stating that you successfully finished the CreaTe bachelor. This scenario bypassed the process of the diploma preparation. However, more and more other universities now demand a (scan of the) diploma. The preparation of a diploma costs time and needs several steps, such as:

  • You need to have obtained (sufficient) grades for all units of study of your curriculum
  • After the last grade has been entered in Osiris, the bureau of Educational Affairs employee will make a transcript and sends it for approval to the examination board. Note that the date when your final deliverable has been handed in by you (in most cases the graduation project report or presentation) will be the examination date for your diploma.
  • The examination board has to approve the curriculum of the student and gives its fiat for the graduation of the student for the CreaTe bachelor. This can be done by mail in many cases
  • The bureau of Educational Affairs employee will now make a diploma for the student
  • The examination board has to sign this diploma
  • The bureau of Educational Affairs employee can now send (a scan of) the diploma to the student

Note: IF you want to do a master at a university other than the UT AND IF you obtain your grade for your graduation project late in August (because you have an extension), then you may run into trouble with obtaining your diploma on time before the deadline of enrollment for a master outside the UT.

This is what you can do to guarantee timely enrollment for a master:

*Master studies at the UT: this is a rather safe scenario. If you don’t have your diploma yet, you can simply re-enroll for the CreaTe program again. The moment you have officially graduated and get a diploma, our bureau of Educational Affairs employee (Mrs. Barbara Spikker) will notify the central student administration that you have completed the CreaTe BSc program and can be enrolled in the master. Obviously, don’t forget to enroll in the master via Studielink. Enrollment in a master at the UT can be done each month. Your final deliverable will be the official graduation date for your BSc CreaTe but the time delay between this date and the processing of the diploma can just cross the monthly borders. However, the date on the diploma will be leading and backdating can then take place.

*Master studies outside the UT: take care in this scenario. We can only provide advice in this case. Please follow the instructions for enrollment of your Master study of choice. Make sure you agreed with your CreaTe supervisor on when your final deliverable has been scheduled and when the final grade for it can be sent to the module 12 coordinator (TOM) and to the bureau of educational affairs. Take into account enough time (a few weeks) for the processing time on our administrative side (where people work really hard to make everything in order on time).