Study programme 2nd year

Specialization preference

Within the CreaTe curriculum module 5 (first quarter of the second year) is devoted to your specialisation. Two modules are offered in parallel with a focus on either:


Students will choose one of the two modules as their module 5 for next year. The fundamentals of both modules have been taught in previous courses and in upcoming projects in the second year there will be ample cross fertilisation between the New Media and Smart Technology students. Students who wish to do both specialisations have the option to take their second choice as part of their “minorspace” (first semester of year 3). Information about the 2nd year and the choices for module 5 in particular were provided during an information meeting on the 4th of June 2018. The slides of the 5 presentations can be found in the following list:

  1. General Information about year 2 and module 5 (by Erik Faber)
  2. Specific Information about module 5A, Smart Technology (by the module coordinator Edwin Dertien)
  3. Specific Information about module 5B, New Media (by the module coordinator Job Zwiers)
  4. Student perspective on module 5A, Smart Technology (by two 2nd year students)
  5. Student perspective on module 5B, New Media (by two 2nd year students)

Please register your choice for Smart Technology or New Media below. 


How to register

You can let us know which domain you want to specialize in by filling out your:

  • Student number
  • UT student email address
  • Preferred specialization module
  • And clicking ‘submit’

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact secretary Didi Oude Veldhuis

After registration

After submitting your preferred specialization module you will receive an automatically generated email with the information you entered. Please, keep this email for future reference. Note that this registration does NOT replace the official registration in Osiris for module 5 ST or NM! You will also have to register in Osiris prior to the start of the module of your choice.

Registration form

enter the following code: 56522