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Year 2

The Creative Technology programme aims at graduates who are context-driven problem-solvers.

To this end, they acquire skills and knowledge in five areas:

  1. Self-management of the process of creation by a designer;
  2. Understanding and use of technology;
  3. Designing for interaction, expression, impact and experience;
  4. Societal and economic value; and
  5. Academic and professional skills.

The Year 2 Overview page shows the contents of the first year of the curriculum.

It has four modules. Each module has a range of activities which contribute to the five areas of intended learning outcomes.

Details regarding the activities in each module are at the additional info pages:
Module 5a: 201500171 Smart Technology
Module 5b: 201500170 New Media
Module 6: 201500148 Intelligent Interaction Design
Module 7: 201400435 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Module 8: 201400436 Data: from the source to the senses

Note: the CreaTe programme offers a specialisation choice in module 5. Either students can choose a more physical technology based module, Smart Technology, or students choose a more animation and media based module, New Media.

Note 2: Module 6, Intelligent Interaction Design, is shared with the Bachelor studies Computer Science (CS) and Business Information Technology (BIT).