Study programme 1st year

Module 1: 201600066 We Create Identity

(for an overview of the entire first year see the Year 1 overview page)

This module is meant as an introduction in Creative Technology –both the field and the study program— and as activation of the self-directed student. The most important parts are: (a) encounter with (and inspiration for) the broad field of Creative Technology, (b) introduction in the subfields underlying the curriculum (Smart Technology, New Media, Computer Science, (Visual) Storytelling), (c) first encounter with project work and with creative applications (organization of projects and autonomously directing the content of a project and (d) first activation of the students to describe themselves as Creative Technologist, and to take control of their own professional development.

The deliverables of the module are an interactive video (group work), a personal webpage as an initial presentation portfolio, a blog, and a worst web page. Lectures, interaction, presentations and essays concentrate on the concept of identity, the group of students as a social network, the relationship between student and course programme, and on storytelling as a key aspect of creating identity and of creative technology.

Thematic components in Q1

The topics will be pursued through various activities.

Workshops and tutorials on materials of design

Technology and Expressive Media are introduced through a number of workshops and tutorial tracks in which you obtain the first knowledge, skills, and attitudes from these subfields of Creative Technology. This partly happens in parallel in tutorial groups. Concerning the media side you will work on Visual Communication, Video Skills, and on designing web sites. Concerning the technology side, you will get an introduction to Computer Science and Engineering and you will learn your first programming skills. This part of the module will take up roughly two-thirds of your time.

Mathematics sprint week

One week of the module (week 6, see schedule) is set aside for introducing the mathematics of Creative Technology. Based on a diagnostic test in week 2 (no preparation needed!) you will be placed in one of two tracks: (a) a buildup track towards the necessary starting level required for the mathematics in the rest of the program or (b) a track that deals with a selection of inspiring topics in mathematics.

Interactive Video project

One half day per week (in parallel to the workshop sessions) is set aside for you to work on a group project in which you develop your first Creative Application, an interactive video. Here you will encounter the need for a number of professional and academic skills for the first time, simply by going through a project and learning from what happens there. You will be helped here by a project coach who will have a number of meetings with your group to discuss various topics. The project results will be shown during the end exhibition of the module.

Monday lectures and plenary activities, Friday guest lectures

In a series of plenary lectures, guest lectures, and plenary group activities you will be introduced to other topics from Creative Technology as field and as curriculum. We will talk about the process of creation, about users, society, and impact, and discuss various aspects of being a Creative Technology professional.

professional development 

The aim of the professional development course is to teach students methods to achieve their professional aims, build a personal brand, and continuously develop their skills. The Wednesday afternoon is reserved for Professional Development. Each student is assigned to a personal mentor that will guide the student throughout his or her study. The mentor will help the student getting started in the study and taking control of their own (study) career. As a student, you will work independently on your showcase portfolio web site, using skills obtained in the rest of the module, to make yourself a brand. Towards the end of the module, you will write an individual reflection essay.