Important dates

Important dates

.Thursday March 15th 2018

Open days Master programmes UT

Wednesday March 28th 2018

Minor Information Market UT
Program: (

eEMCS master programme information sessions 

February12th until February 23th 2018. You will find a detailed programme in the link below.

BSA Hearings

To be announced (the dates mentioned are provisional)

This is an announcement about the BSA (binding recommendation regarding continuation of your studies) procedure.

The announcement is relevant to you if you fear to get a negative recommendation (i.e. a notice of exclusion) while you believe that there is no firm evidence for such a recommendation. Before the 14th of August 2018 the university will send students the formal e-mail notification of your recommendation (BSA), which will be  “positive”, “uncertain hence postponed” or “negative”.

On the 20th of August 2018, the Creative Technology programme board organizes a hearing.
The hearing is an opportunity for individual students to bring forward their objections, sustained by arguments,  against the recommendation.

The hearing sessions will start at 10.00 am; each individual student has half an hour time to state and defend his/her case. The final recommendation will be send later in week 34. If you receive a recommendation which is unjust in your opinion, and  you wish to state and defend your case, you must send your request to be heard to

For planning reasons we need to receive your request before midnight on Thursday, the 16th of August 2018.