Entrepreneurial Mindset


This course aims to teach and guide University of Twente’s doctoral candidates through an enjoyable, thought-provoking and productive discovery of how each can transform the mind-set and outputs of their research areas into drivers of future university growth and resiliency to the challenges from an increasingly competitive, internationalized environment.

On day 1, we will get to know each other and begin to consider how to think, plan and behave entrepreneurially at UT. We will learn about entrepreneurs, their motivations and how they work to create value for themselves and others. We will have our first experiences with two core learning and planning tools that will be central to our work together and in your entrepreneurial efforts in the future (Based on the added value and societal impact in your research). You will also get insights and learn from expertise on creating a venture within a university.
You’ll be encouraged to join informally for dinner together to share ideas and feedback with your colleagues and the program team.

On day 2, we will introduce and start using the “Lean Model Canvas” method to quickly determine IF there is a venture behind your idea and how it can be created. Next, in the context of a university setting, we will learn the essentials of attracting and collaborating with teammates to help you improve and realize your ideas. We’ll draft and practice brief elevator pitches useful for you to attract partners, funders, and “customers” to support and grow your venture.

Everyone will leave with an actionable plan for taking the next steps towards using your entrepreneurial mindset.



  • 09.00   Welcome with coffee
  • 09.05   Welcome Petra de Weerd-Nederhof & Joost Brinkman
  • 09.15   Connect your profile to Entrepreneurial Mind Michel Ehrenhard
  • 10.30   Who are you and what is entrepreneurial about you and your research 
                Joost Brinkman / Petra de Weerd-Nederhof
  • 12.00   Neil Sheridan introducing the next part of the program
  • 12.30   Lunch – with Patrick Bliek about academic spin off – the story of Encontech
                and other experiences
  • 13.30   Entrepreneurial Mind and Entrepreneurship at Universities
                Neil Sheridan & Mike Verkouter
  • 14.30   Generating and Communicating the value of Your Ideas
                Neil Sheridan start with pitch; introducing the Canvas
  • 16.30   Visit Novel-T
  • 17:30   Dinner at the Gallery and open discussion
                Overnight Reflection Assignment – Neil Sheridan
  • 19.00   Wrap up day 1: Neil Sheridan & Mike Verkouter


  • 09.00   Participants Share Results of Overnight Reflection 
                Joost Brinkman / Neil Sheridan Mike Verkouter /
  • 09.15   Peer Coaching on Pitch Improvement - Neil Sheridan & Mike Verkouter
  • 10.30   Attracting and Developing Successful Teams - Neil Sheridan
  • 11.00   Coffee and Tea Break
  • 11.30   Is There Really a There there?
                Assessing Viability and Modeling from research to a Business - Neil Sheridan
  • 12.30   Workshop lean in Entrepreneurial Mindset Development – Joost Brinkman
  • 13.30   Pitch Practice to peers:  Confident, Convincing and Clear Presentations
                for Business and Venture Ideas from or about your research; Idea pitching 
                Neil Sheridan & Mike Verkouter 
  • 14.45   Pitch for Petra de Weerd-Nederhof and Joost Brinkman
  • 15.00   Acting on Your Ideas - Neil Sheridan
  • 15.45   Conclusion and Call to Action - Neil Sheridan



Mike Verkouter https://novelt.com/en/about-us/

Neil Sheridan, MS, MBA https://www.linkedin.com/in/neilsheridan1776/

This course is a cooperation of NIKOSNovelT and SVPI.

  • Programme is for

    PhD and PDEng Candidates

  • Date

    The course is offered 2 times a year.

    Check the available course dates on the page below.

  • Time

    1st day: 10.00-19.30 h.
    2nd day: 9.00-15.45 h.

  • Location


  • Course fee

    Free of charge for doctoral candidates of the University of Twente

  • Maximum participants

    Maximum of 20 participants

  • Trainers

    Trainers of NIKOS, NovelT and SVPI 

  • Course materials

    Course materials will be provided during the training.

  • Requirements

    Being a PhD or PDEng Candidate

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