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Taste of Teaching - online

  • Course code

    TA 2021/2022-2

  • Programme is for

    PhD-ers who are not abble to attend the face to face sessions at UPark.

  • ECTS

    2 EC

  • Date

    Twice a year

  • Time

    4 sessions of 3 hours

  • Location


  • Maximum participants


  • Trainers

    Mairke ter Maat, Chantal Scholten, Tessa Kuijk

  • Course materials

    You will get access to a Canvas site offering all the necessary content in a modular setting

  • Requirements

    Unable to travel to attend the face to face sessions at UPark.


The participant will be able to..

…formulate a vision on education;

…use a lesson plan to prepare, perform an activating (online) lesson, and reflect on it;

…prepare, perform a tutorial/ practicum and reflect on it;

… prepare, perform a (online) meeting  with individual students/ small groups and reflect on it.


During the training you will practice the most common tasks of a teacher:

-          Preparing lessons, tutorials, practicums en individual meetings

-          Performing lessons, tutorials, practicums en individual meetings

-          Justify the way you’ve of acting and reflect on it.


Preparation: assignments, reading course material.

In course: assignments (both individual and group), discussions.


In order to be eligible for the certificate you need to hand in all the assignments on Canvas and participate in (all of the) the online sessions. For more information you can contact celt-ces@utwente.nl. 

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Taste of Teaching - online
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