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Course 2b: Supervising students


  • Course code

    TA 2021/2022

  • Programme is for

    Lecturers / (assistant) professors with limited experience in supervising students in their Bachelor or Master assignment

  • Date

    Several times a year

  • Time

    Four online sessions of 2 hours

    Self-study and assignments: 6-8 hours

  • Location


  • Maximum participants


  • Trainers

    Frank van den Berg & Marleen de Haan

  • Course materials

    You will get access to a Canvas site offering all the necessary content in a modular setting.

  • Requirements

    Not applicable

    PhD candidates are advised to register for the Taste-of-Teaching.

    This course is closely related to UTQ competence 2: Teaching and supervising


·       describe the complete graduation process and accompanying (different) roles/styles of the supervisor;

·       explain the importance of expressing expectations, planning and structured meetings in a graduation process, including the content of the planning and meetings;

·       articulate your vision on supervising and can translate it into concrete activities as coach;

·       apply different styles and techniques in supervising graduate students;

·       be a ‘lazy supervisor’, meaning let the students do the work they can do themselves.


During the course we will pay attention to the following topics: planning of a graduation project, first meeting with the student, role and style of supervisor, expectations of supervisor and student, active listening, giving feedback, assessment and motivation.

Of course we also pay attention to your specific questions.


Preparation: exercises and assignments, reading course material

In course: assignments (both individual and group), discussions and role play

Further information

In order to be eligible for the certificate you need to hand in all the assignments on Canvas and participate in (all of the) the online sessions. For more information you can contact celt-ces@utwente.nl. 

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Course 2b: Supervising students
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