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How to deal with stress

For PhD/PDEng candidates who are looking for a practical approach on how to deal with stress.

The (online)workshop will briefly discuss the function of stress. But the focus of the workshop can be found in how to manage your stress. So knowledge about how to deal with stress, including different exercises you can directly implement in your day to day life.  

No pre-existing knowledge is required. 

This workshop is the start of a range of different workshops for PhD’s/PDEngs with a practical approach on different struggles you can encounter during your PhD/PDEng.

  • Duration

    1,5 hour

  • Time

    9.30-11.00 h

  • Participation

    Minimum of 5, and with a maximum of 15 PhD’s/PDEng’s
    (in case of over registration, a second workshop will be scheduled)

  • Costs

    Participation is free of charge

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How to deal with stress
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