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The SOCOM is a student committee that forms part of the Communiqué Student Association committee meets twice a month and considers complaints, suggestions and feedback submitted by students to SOCOM via Communiqué. When problems occur, a solution is sought through cooperation between teachers and other staff within the programme.

The SOCOM Committee has twelve members. Ten of the twelve members are students, with two student representatives from each study phase, i.e. six student representatives from the corresponding Bachelor’s programme, plus two members for the master’s programme and two from the pre-master's programme of Communication Studies. The Programme Coordinator of Communication Studies also attends the SOCOM Committee so that the complaints suggestions and feedback of the students can be made known to the teachers and so that feedback and advice can be given directly to the student representatives. This means that the student representatives receive advice and explanations directly and there is also a direct route for feedback to be forwarded to teachers. It also means that any problem areas in the study programme will be made known to the Programme Director immediately, so that action can be undertaken directly.

The twelfth member of the SOCOM Committee is the chairperson. This is always the Educational Officer from the board of Communiqué. About one week before the committee meets, the chairperson collects all the complaints, suggestions and feedback that have been received and draws up an agenda for the meeting. This is then sent to the other members of the SOCOM Committee, along with the complaints received.

If you have any questions about SOCOM or if you would like to suggest a subject for the committee to consider, please contact the Educational Officer of Communiqué or go to Communiqué’s office. The same applies if you have any questions or problems with your study programme. If you would like to submit a complaint about your education, you can use the complaint form on the Communiqué website. Anonymity is always maintained for any complaints or suggestions which are discussed during the committee meeting. The identity of students who have submitted a particular complaint or suggestion is only known to the chairperson of the SOCOM Committee. It is also the responsibility of the chairperson to communicate the results of the committee’s deliberations to the student who submitted it, after the meeting has been concluded.