Orientation on Master Thesis topics

Research themes Dr. Ardion Beldad

Communication Strategies and Charitable Giving
Dutch charitable organizations have been receiving substantial media coverage not so much for their virtuous deeds but rather for their dubious activities. Such negative publicity can expectedly harm donors’ and potential donors’ trust in those organizations and, probably, in the entire charitable sector. When trust level depreciates, first-time donation and repeat donation intentions could be thwarted. Earning donors’ trust once it has been breached requires sufficient and complete communication from the negatively exposed organization. Hence, one of the questions that will be addressed within this research theme pertains to the impact of communication on donors’ trust in charitable organizations. However, there are also other important issues that merit research attention within this theme. For instance, the decision to focus on certain communicative elements (e.g. message framing) might also have consequences for donors’ attitude towards the charitable organization and charitable giving (either in the form of monetary donations, volunteering, or organ donations), in general.