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Employee participation in organizational change

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Posted: 05/03/2018

UT contact person: Suzanne Janssen 


Company involved: GITP Medezeggenschap

Location / country: Den Bosch (HQ), The Netherlands

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Description of thesis project / theme:


Unique opportunity to do a research project in a corporate environment: for an ambitious student who is interested in corporate communication during organizational change!


GITP Medezeggenschap is a consultancy firm specialized in employee participation. Our consultants work for Works Councils and management at companies like Rabobank, Boskalis, BAM-group. We believe that employee participation is key factor to a successful organization.


For our research program, we want to get a deeper understanding of the role of employee participation and involvement during organizational change. Earlier research shows, that employee participation is a predictor of implementing new processes successfully. It generates more understanding, support, and willingness to change. The aim of our research is to further explore the different variables of employee participation that have a positive effect on organizational change. This, to underline the importance of employee participation. The exact research outlines will be discussed with the student.


We are looking for a student who wants to write their master thesis on this subject  A decent theoretical framework and a practical approach are required. So, if you are interested in ‘Employee participation and organizational change’ and have proactive approach to conduct your research, please contact Maartje Woestenberg, MSc (   


Start date: Any time

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