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Posted: 07/12/2017

UT contact person: Thomas van Rompay

E-mail: t.j.l.vanrompay@utwente.nl

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This line of research is of interest to horeca partners. Previous collaboration partners include Starbucks and Van der Poel (ijssalon Hengelo/Enschede).


Description of thesis project / theme:


Packaging design and multi-sensory product experience.


Research shows that packaging appearance can have a strong impact on taste experience and product evaluation of foods and beverages. However, so far research has mainly focused on how visual appearances may steer sensory impressions including smell and taste. Taking into account new (technological) developments which allow for consideration of a wide range of previously unexplored packaging factors, in this project you will explore how such new technological means (for instance, ambient technology and 3D printing) can be used in packaging design in order to enhance product experiences.


For an example of a previous master project in this line, see:




Start date: Any time

Additional info: Mail: t.j.l.vanrompay@utwente.nl