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Posted: 07/12/2017

UT contact person: Thomas van Rompay

E-mail: t.j.l.vanrompay@utwente.nl

Company involved: Vrijhof – Library (LISA)

Location / country: UT campus

Company or context information:

For students interested in the relationship between nature and student-learning specifically, collaboration with LISA (UT library; Marjolein Drent) is stimulated.

Description of thesis project / theme:


Nature-inspired design: How exposure to nature can stimulate creativity and wellbeing


A large body of research shows that exposure to natural stimuli (ranging from a walk in the woods to pictures of nature, to virtual reality applications) benefits wellbeing and creativity. These are important in the context of both health and learning (for instance, think of student learning at the library). However we know very little about which specific features or properties of natural environments are important. In this project, you will select specific natural stimuli and test whether these can stimulate measures relevant to health and learning such as creativity, inspiration and positive affect.

Start date: Any time

Additional info: Mail: t.j.l.vanrompay@utwente.nl